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  • Make Bedtime More Fun with these Novelty Bed Ideas

    4004r_race_carHere at Mom’s Bunk House, as much as we love children’s beds, we know that getting your kids to get to sleep at a reasonable time can be a challenge! As much as you might love your children’s bedroom furniture, often times your little ones will resist bedtime in favor of playtime.

    Although there’s no magic bullet for encouraging a good night’s sleep, making your children’s bedroom as fun and attractive as possible is always a great start. And although you might love classic designs and elegant furniture, sometimes kids just want something fun and unique.

    A novelty bed is a great idea to help make your kids’ bedrooms more kid-friendly. These fun and unique bed designs add some wonderful flair to your kids’ bedroom, and are sure to help encourage your children to get a early night. In this post, we c Read More...

  • 3 Important Nursery Furniture Basics

    Pretty NurseryHere at Mom’s Bunk House, we talk a lot about furniture for kids - and we’re usually talking about school-aged children. However, we also carry a great selection of nursery furniture, and we know that for many new parents, furnishing a bedroom for your new baby can be a challenge.
    Unlike an older child, an infant won’t have any furniture preferences! However, as a parent you know that you have to provide furniture that is safe, comfortable, and high-quality. You probably also want to try making your nursery as attractive and nicely designed as possible.

    If you’re a new parent looking to get started with nursery design, furnishing, and decor, Mom’s Bunk House can help! We’ve taken off our “bunk bed” hat and slipped into baby mode! See below 3 nursery furniture basics that should help you get started…

    Crib and bedding accessories. This will probably be your first step and is generally Read More...

  • Valentine’s Sweetheart Deals at Mom’s Bunk House!


    Valentine’s Day is almost here! Valentine’s day is the perfect time to show your loved ones that you care, and to help celebrate this wonderful season of love, Mom’s Bunk House is offering some amazing discounts on our favorite products!


    Shop our great selection of discounted kids’ beds and other furniture items. We’ve lowered our already low prices for just a few short days, to help you and your family upgrade your home without breaking the bank this holiday season.


    Your kids will love these great furniture products, and you’ll be amazed at the great savings we’re offering. You can click the banner above to view all of our holiday sale items, or check out the links below to browse each product individually. Enjoy!



  • Get Active! 3 Tips for Choosing an Outdoor Playset

    It’s already February! While winter might still seem like it’s going strong, it’ll be spring before you know it, and it’s always good to start thinking about getting outdoors and getting active. While we’re usually focused on indoor furniture here at Mom’s, we also know that kids sometimes need to get out of the bedroom and get some exercise outdoors.


    One of the best and most fun ways to encourage your kids to get some exercise is with an outdoor playset. These fun outdoor play structures often include things like swings, slides, and “treehouses”, and are a fun way for kids to play outdoors and use their imaginations.


    outdoor-playset-for-kidsWhile an outdoor playset is a great purchase for any family, it’s also important to make the right choice, and find a playset that will work best for your Read More...

  • Beyond the Bed: Other Important Furniture Items for Kids

    A child’s bed is probably the single most important furniture item in the room. After all, your kids are spending almost 1/3rd of their lives asleep, and so a safe and comfortable bed is key. However, once you’ve got a great bed that your kids love, what comes next?

    There’s lots of options in furnishing your kids’ room. Everything from major items, to small decor pieces. So how do you decide what to focus on, once the bed’s sorted out? To help you get started in completing the kids’ bedroom, the children’s furniture experts here at Mom’s Bunk House have compiled a list of other items to consider.


    Remember that sometimes, your choices will be influenced by your kids’ personalities. When you’re reviewing these ideas, be sure to consider wh Read More...

  • Understanding Your Options for Children’s Beds

    Choosing a bed for your kids is an important decision. After all, we spend almost one-third of our lives in bed, and making those hours comfy is important! Also, getting a great night’s sleep is very important for keeping your kids’ academic and social performance strong.


    However, parents in the market for a new bed know that there are many options available. Making the right decision can be tough when presented with so many choices. To help you and your family understand your options, the team of experts here at Mom’s Bunk House has put together a quick and simple guide to the types of children’s beds.


    • Bunk Beds. Our speciality at Mom’s Bunk House, the bunk Read More...

  • 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Furnishing Your Kids’ Bedroom

    Everyone wants to have a well-furnished and comfortable home, both for themselves and their families. But outfitting your home successfully isn’t easy - you need to balance costs, comfort, style, durability, sizes, and many other factors.

    This is especially true when furnishing a room for your children, since you’ve got to manage all of these challenges, while also making sure your kids are happy - not an easy job!


    When trying to assemble a kid’s bedroom, you need to think carefully about how to get the most from your efforts. However, you’ve also got to be careful to avoid a mistake that could be expensive and time-consuming. To help keep you on the right track, the team here at Mom’s has put together 3 common mistakes to avoid in furnishing a bedroom.


  • Happy New Year! 3 Resolutions for Your Children’s Furniture in 2014

    We hope you’re having a great start to 2014! The start of a new year is always a great time to set some goals for you and your family over the coming year. While many people might be renewing gym memberships and catching up on correspondence, here at Mom’s Bunk House, we’re thinking about furniture!

    Creating an attractive and comfortable bedroom for your children is a great way to ensure that 2014 is a happy and productive year for your whole family. A child who feels comfortable in their room has a great advantage in life, and a family with a well furnished home can feel proud of their lifestyle.


    In the spirit of new year’s resolutions, the team at Mom’s Bunk House has assembled a list of 3 great ideas for improving your furnishings for the new year.

    Start the new year off with a great

  • Year-End Blowout Sale at Mom's Bunk House!


    Christmas is almost here, and the New Year is less than 2 weeks away! Here at Mom’s Bunk House, we wish you the happiest of holiday seasons, and hope that you and your family will have a wonderful Christmas celebration.


    To help ring in the new year in style, Mom’s Bunk House is offering an amazing Year-End Blowout Sale on a range of wonderful kid’s beds from many of our favorite brands, including Donco furniture.

    New Year's Sale on Kids Bunk Beds

    These great products now feature substantial discounts on already affordable prices, making this the perfect time to snag the perfect bed and ensure your kids have sweet dreams all through 2014!


    We’d especially like to thank our partner Donco furniture, a wonderful manufacturer of beautiful and top-quality bunk beds for kids. Some of Read More...

  • 3 Fun and Functional Furniture Gifts for Kids

    Christmas is less than 3 weeks away! Families everywhere are now putting the final touches on decorations, dinner plans, and last minute gifts. If you’re still on the market for a great gift for your kids, you know it can be challenging to find something great without breaking the bank.


    Another challenge that parents face in Christmas gift buying is finding gifts that are functional, as well as fun. While kids might be most interested in the latest toys and gadgets, parents know that often this year’s hot gift is broken or forgotten within a few months.

    Furniture Christmas Gifts for Kids

    Instead of spending the gift budget on quickly-forgotten trinkets, some parents might prefer to invest in presents that will last. At Mom’s Bunk House, we carry Read More...

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