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Our bedding configurator tool allows you to preview how different bedding options will look based on your specific bedroom. Using this tool will allow you to make the right selection of duvet shams and bed huggers, and feel confident that you're buying a color combination that fits you and your kids' unique personality. Mom's Bunk House is the only company to offer this tool and the only true leader in kids' bunk beds and bedroom furniture online. Thanks for shopping with Mom's, and happy configuring!
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  • Custom Bunk Bed Hugger Set
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  • Standard 8" Drop
  • 100% cotton or cotton blend
  • Comforter is polyester filled
  • Machine Washable
  • Made in the USA


  • Free ground shipping to the continental US
  • Ships in 2 - 3 weeks


  • Twin 75" x 39" x 8"
  • Full 75" x 54" x 8"
  • Shams 26" x 21"

Bedding Info

What is a hugger?

Bunk Bed Huggers are comforters designed specifically for bunk beds. Huggers, also known as bed caps or snugglers, are made with two fitted corners at the foot. This design fits neatly over the mattress and keeps the bedding in place.

Why choose huggers over traditional bedding?

Bunk Bed Huggers simplify the process of making up the bunk beds. Because of the bunk bed slatted mattress support, traditional bedding has nowhere to go. It requires excessive tucking, then comes loose and slides down below the mattress. This is unsightly, as well as unsafe. Bunk Bed Huggers fit perfectly and stay safely in place.

Are huggers only for bunk beds?

Hugger comforters are recommended for all slatted beds: bunks, lofts, trundles, platform and captain's beds.

What exactly do I get when I order something from this awesome configurator?

Depending on your bed size it varies but below is the break down:

  • Twin/Twin: 2 twin huggers and 2 standard shams
  • Twin/Full: 1 twin hugger, 1 full hugger and 3 standard shams
  • Full/Full: 2 full huggers and 4 standard shams