Quality Mattresses for Kids' Beds are vital to the health and growth of your child. Did you know...children grow while they sleep? Because they are growing, kids generally need more sleep than adults. This explains why your teenager who has grown 6" in the last year never seems to want to get out of bed, right? When the time comes for your little one to graduate from a crib to a big kid bed, you may find yourself wondering what kind of mattress is the best. Whether you decide to go with a pocket coil mattress or memory foam is a matter of personal preference The mattress choice may seem a bit overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. When deciding on a mattress for your child, focus on the same basic features you would when buying a mattress for yourself. First, consider the size mattress you need. A twin size may be adequate for your small child, but you might want to go with a full size to accommodate your growing kiddo into adolescence. The thickness matters, too. If you're buying mattresses for bunk beds or a loft bed, a mattress height of 9" or less is recommended for safety on the top. A mattress of 9" or less on the bottom bunk will allow for maximum headroom between the upper and lower bunks. Most trundle beds require a thinner mattress of 8" in thickness or less. Next, consider the firmness of the mattress. You want something comfy that will still provide support. Both our traditional coil pocket mattresses, as well as, our memory foam children's mattresses for sale provide the desired support for the growth and health of your child. Customers often ask if the memory foam mattresses can be used with slatted beds: bunks, lofts, trundles and platform beds. If you're purchasing a memory foam mattress from Mom's Bunk House the answer is, "Yes". All of the memory foam mattresses we carry are of the highest quality foam density and work great with the slatted beds. Once you've decided on a mattress, remember to protect your investment with one of our waterproof mattress covers with allergen and dust mite barrier. Make your mattress selection thoughtfully and let us know if we can help, because a good night's sleep for your child usually means a good night's sleep for Mom and Dad, too!


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